Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  How do I book a mobility scooter or wheelchair?

A.  You can book via our online booking system (please CLICK HERE). Alternatively, call our events team on 01353 653 752.

Q.  How far in advance can I make a pre-booking?

A.  We usually open pre-bookings several months before an event.  Please note that our pre-booking system closes the day before the event starts.

Q.  Do I need an email account to pre-book using the online system?

A.  If paying for a pre-booking online you will need to enter a current email address for the system to process the booking payment.  If you do not have an            email address you can pre-book online, but will need to pay when picking up the equipment at the event.

Q.  If I've pre-booked without paying, will there be any restrictions on when I can pick up my reserved equipment?

A.  If you have reserved a mobility scooter/wheelchair without paying before hand, we will keep the equipment reserved until 1pm on the date of the booking.      If you have not picked up and paid for your booking by this time we will release the reservation.

Q.  Can I hire a mobility scooter on the day without pre-booking?

A.  Yes.  We usually have a few spare mobility scooters/wheelchairs on-site for 'walk ups' on the day.  However, these are subject to availability on the day            and are issued on a first come, first serve basis.

Q.  Do I need a licence?

A.  No.

Q.  Do I need to be disabled to hire out equipment?

A.  No.  Our mobility scooters are available to hire by anyone who is mobility impaired, irrespective of age.

Q.  Do I need to have a blue badge to book?

A.  No.  Our users come from a large mix of circumstances, including elderly, injured and disabled.

Q.  Do you ever refuse the use of your equipment?

A.  Yes.  We reserve the right to refuse issuing out our equipment to any clients deemed not capable of using the equipment, even if pre-booked.  

Q.  Are there any age restrictions when hiring a mobility scooter or wheelchair?

A.  Due to equipment suitability we only hire out to users who are 16 or over.

Q.  How early do we need to arrive to pick up?

A.  If you pre-booked and have paid for your equipment you can arrive at any time during the events opening times.

Q.  What is the maximum user weight for the mobility scooters?

A.  The majority of our mobility scooters have a maximum user weight of up to 23 stone.  We do have some larger models that have a maximum user weight         of up to 35 stone - these are available upon request (subject to availability).  

Q.  How fast do the scooters go?

A.  Our scooters are 8mph scooters that have been restricted to a maximum speed of 4mph, which is walking pace.  We ask all people who hire our equipment to be considerate to those on foot and keep their speed to a minimum. 

Q.  Do I need to bring a print out of the confirmation email?

A.  No.  We will have your booking details available for our reference, but you can print your confirmation for peace of mind.

Q.  Will I receive user instructions?

A.  Yes.  Our events staff will run through how to operate the equipment when you arrive, even if you've used a mobility scooter or wheelchair before.

Q.  Does it come with a basket / cane holder?

A.  Some of our mobility scooters do feature a front basket and a rear cane holder, but these are subject to availability on the day of the event.

Q.  What happens if I have an accident?

A.  If you have an accident you must report this immediately to our events team.  Please do not leave it until you return the equipment.  

Q.  Are there any rain covers on the mobility scooters?

A.  Not as standard.  We advise you to bring your own.  At some events, we may have rain ponchos available.

Q.  Can I leave a mobility scooter around the event?

A.  Our scooters require ignition keys to operate.  We advise you to switch off the mobility scooter if stationery and to take the key with you if leaving it                  anywhere.

Q.  When do I need to return the equipment?

A.  For a full days hire we ask that you return the equipment back to our team by the scheduled event closing time.

Q.  Are the mobility scooters 3 or 4 wheeled?

A.  The vast majority of our range are 4 wheeled.

Q.  I'm quite tall.  Can I adjust the seat?

A.  Yes.  Seating and steering can be adjusted on most scooters.

Q.  Can you deliver my booked equipment to me at the event?

A.  We try to accommodate our customers’ needs as much as possible, but cannot guarantee we can drop off equipment as it depends upon the event                 and staff available.

Q.  Where are you located at the event?

A.  This depends upon the event, but we are usually based at the disabled car park or the main entrance.  Please call us on 01353 653 752 to check for a             specific show.

Q.  Can I contact the staff at the event?

A.  Usually we will issue you with a phone number to contact our team attending the event in case of any emergencies or mobility scooter breakdowns.

Q.  What should I do if I need to cancel my booking?

A.  Please contact our events team as soon as possible so we can reallocate our stock to other customers.  NB: Cancellation of bookings can be made up to 24 hours before an event is scheduled.  Any refunds for bookings that are cancelled after this period are not guaranteed.