Venue Services

For venue and event organisers who are seeking mobility services, our Mobility Hire 4 You team will be happy to help in fulfilling your requirements.

We have a large vehicle trailer to transport the equipment and currently supply mobility scooters and wheelchairs to a wide variety of locations around the UK.  For venues with limited space we can provide a smaller marquee and venue vehicle.

Normally, we will be based at the disabled car park or one of the entrances located at an event venue.

The majority of our mobility scooters have a recommended maximum user weight of 23 stone.  Although heavier users can still use these, the battery life and speed of the scooter may be affected.  We do have a small number of models that allow up to 35 stone, which are subject to availability.

We also have a number of different wheelchairs.  Availability of models can vary, so please ask for details if you have any specific requirements.

Our mobility aids can be offered on a pre-booked / pre-paid basis either through the facilities website/through a link to our website, or available on the day on a spot hire.

Our staff are trained and able to assist with any queries that arise at an event.  User instructions are run through before any users pick up their mobility equipment.

We are more than happy to visit your venue location to discuss your individual requirements in more detail.